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Июнь-Июль 2018

Друзья! С 29.06.2018 по 17.07.2018 я в отъезде. Ваши заказы не останутся без внимания и будут обработаны и высланы по приезду в Питер.

29 июня 2018 в 11:01
Июнь 2017

Друзья! С 01.06.17 по 14.06.17 я в отъезде.

31 мая 2017 в 19:03
С наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством!

Дорогие друзья! VinylEffect.ru поздравляет вас всех с наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством! Желаем всем здоровья, мира, добра, любви, гармонии и много хорошей музыки!

31 декабря 2016 в 17:25

Beatles - Anthology 1

Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1Beatles - Anthology 1
Список композиций
A1 Free As A Bird
A2 "We're Four Guys... That's All"
A3 That'll Be The Day
A4 In Spite Of All The Danger
A5 "Sometimes I'd Borrow... Those
Still Exist"
A6 Hallelujah, I Love Her So
A7 You'll Be Mine
A8 Cayenne
A9 "First Of All... I Didn't Do A Thing Here"
A10 My Bonnie
A11 Ain't She Sweet
A12 Cry For A Shadow
B1 "Brian Was A Beautiful Guy... He
Presented Us Well"
B2 "I Secured Them... A Beatle Drink
Even Then"
B3 Searchin'
B4 Three Cool Cats
B5 The Sheik Of Araby
B6 Like Dreamers Do
B7 Hello Little Girl
B8 "Well, The Recording Test... By
My Artists"
B9 Besame Mucho
B10 Love Me Do
B11 How Do You Do It
B12 Please Please Me
C1 One After 909 (Sequence)
C2 One After 909 (Complete)
C3 Lend Me Your Comb
C4 I'll Get You
C5 "We Were Performers... In Britain"
C6 I Saw Her Standing There
C7 From Me To You
C8 Money (That's All What I Want)
C9 You Really Got A Hold On Me
C10 Roll Over Beethoven
D1 She Loves You
D2 Till There Was You
D3 Twist And Shout
D4 This Boy
D5 I Want To Hold Your Hand
D6 "Boys, What I Was Thinking..."
D7 Moonlight Bay
D8 Can't Buy Me Love
E1 All My Loving
E2 You Can't Do That
E3 And I Love Her
E4 A Hard Day's Night
E5 I Wanna Be Your Man
E6 Long Tall Sally
E7 Boys
E8 Shout
E9 I'll Be Back (Take 2)
E10 I'll Be Back (Take 3)
F1 You Know What To Do
F2 No Reply (Demo)
F3 Mr. Moonlight
F4 Leave My Kitten Alone
F5 No Reply
F6 Eight Days A Week (Sequence)
F7 Eight Days A Week (Complete)
F8 Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
Цена: 3 600 р.

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